7. Analytics Report

TnkAd SDK includes functions for application analytics and tracking called T-MAT(Tnk Mobile Application Tracking & Analytics) .
You can apply T-MAT function by simply adding a few lines of code.

Main data that T-MAT provides are as follows.
  • Inbound channels
    • Tracking information for each marketing channels. 
    • Providing all analytics data for each channels.
  • New Registered Users (NRU)
    • New registered users by hour/day/week/month.
    • Inbound users with Google play rankings at one sight.
  • Activie Users (UV)
    • Unique active users by hour/day/week/month
    • NRU/UV chart
  • Retention
    • Retention rate of day 1, day 2, day 3 and weeks.
    • Compare retention rate of each marketing channels.
  • Funnel Analysis
    • Check at which stages users give up or stop using your app.
  • Buying users
    • Informative data related to buying users for each items.