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2) Add Your App

Add you app at Tnk site and get APP ID value of yours. [Go to TnkFactory Site]

In this step, you just put basic information of your application such as os platform and name. After completing this step, you can get your APP ID value.
Setting up for campaigns or publishings can be done later anytime you want.

[Basic Information]

Logging in Tnk site, click APPS menu and [+ Add App] button to add a new application.

Select "Android App" or "iPhone App" according to your os platform. For a web site campaign, select "Web".
Once you have selected your platform, you cannot change it later. Except platform, you can change any of these items later.

If your app is already published in Googleplay or AppStore, you can search your app using 'Market search'.
Enter a name of your app or developer's name and click 'Search' button, then you can see a popup screen in which searching results are listed.
If your app is not published yet in those markets, then put manually app icon, package name and category.

After adding your application, you can see App ID and App Key values below the name of application.
App Id is a unique value distinguishing your application in Tnk's ad network and used for SDK integration. 
App Key is used for only security purpose if you are to integrating in server-to-server manner without SDK.