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1) Download SDK

- Unity Plugin : [Download Unity Plugin for Android] (update 2016/10/19)

- Cocos2dx Plugin : [Download Cocos2dx Plugin (Android + iOS)] (update 2016/10/19)

- Android SDK    [SDK Download V.6.31]  [Download Testing Offerwall]

    Using Proguard, you need to add a following line in your Proguard setting file.
    -keep class com.tnkfactory.** { *;}

 v6.31 (2016/10/19)

           - Added intersititial Video ads.

           - Removed WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission 

 v6.30 (2016/08/25)

           - Added NativeAdManager. (You can retrieve many NativeAdItems at a time.)

           - Improved internal NativeAd logic.

 v6.29 (2016/08/10)

            - Fixed a bug that interstitial ads not clicked.

 v6.28 (2016/08/05)

            - Improved coordinate calculation logic of interstitial ads to consider visibility of status bar at run-time.

 v6.27 (2016/08/03)

            - Fixed a bug that crash apps under Android API 15 after video played.

            - Enlarged click area of X button at ending-card of Video ads.

            - Added full-screen 2-button style frames for Interstitial ads.

            - Sample projects have been migrated to Android Studio from Eclipse. 

 v6.26 (2016/07/05)

             - Added intent.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NO_USER_ACTION) to Intents for market landing page.

             - Added SSL mode for communication to Tnk server. For SSL mode, add meta-tag in your AndroidMenifest.xml file.  <meta-data android:name="tnkad_ssl" android:value="true" /> 

 v6.25 (2016/06/24)

             - Added a check logic for VM

             - Improved how to locate landing pages

             - Internal function added for ADPlus SDK

             - Footer of offerwall is located at bottom of the list even if ads are not enough to fill the list.

             - Hide status bar in WindowMode

 v6.23 (2016/05/09)

             - Changed UI of ending-card for video Ad

             - Keep ratio of images in interstitial Ad

 v6.21 (2016/03/29)

             - Fixed a bug that non-incentive native Ad is not loaded.

 v6.20 (2016/03/22)

             - Fixed a bug that crashes app in incentive offerwall.

  > Android SDK release note 

- iOS SDK  [SDK Download V.4.13]  [Download Testing Offerwall XCode project]

 v.4.13 (2016/10/19)

           - Fixed a bug that (X) button on interstitial ads screen not pressed.

 v.4.12 (2016/09/22)

           - Added TnkNativeAdManager. (You can retrieve many TnkNativeAds at a time.)

           - Improved internal NativeAd logic.

           - Added full-screen 2-button style frames for Interstitial ads.

           - Supports iOS10

 v.4.11 (2016/08/03)

          - Fixed a bug that country code is attached to language code.

          - Fixed a bug that shows 'Developer Name' instead of real developer name.

 v.4.10 (2016/07/05)

          - Added 'repeat' parameter to prepareVideoAd API.

          - Fixed a bug not invoking onClose event when an interstitial ad is closed.

          - Fixed incorrect calculation of dimensions for landscape orientation of iPhone6+.

 v4.09 (2016/06/24)

          - Embed bitcode in SDK

 v4.08 (2016/06/15)

          - Fixed a bug that app crashed when Alert popup is closed in offerwall.

 v4.07 (2016/05/09)

          - Changed UI of ending-card for video Ad

          - Support portrait ending-card for video Ad.

          - Fixed a but that video completion event triggered when home button is pushed.

 v.4.06 (2015/12/11)

          - Adjust request timeout sec of interstitial Ad to 5 sec.

          - Added an API to close interstitial Ad.

  v.4.05 (2015/11/14)

           - Use HTTPS(TLS 1.2) for all of server requests.

           - In portrait-oriented app, landscape orientation for video ad is now supported. (You need to add a simple code in your AppDelegate.m)

           - fixed a bug crashed when pass nil parameter on video API.

   > iOS SDK release Note