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Android SDK release note

 v6.19 (2016/03/16)

             - Fixed a bug that video Ad with low resolution is not loaded.

             - Fixed a bug that callback is not invoked when video play is completed.

             - Now back-key event is propagated to parent views that embedding AdListView.

 v6.18 (2016/03/14)

             - fixed a bug that crash apps in windowMode with Android v5.1.

 v.6.17 (2016/03/07)

             - Improved an internal logic for windowMode

             - Proguard 4.11 is applied.

 v.6.16 (2016/03/04)

             - Added a configuration to hide close button at video Ad (back-key is disabled) : TnkStyle.AdVideo.noClose = true; 

             - Added portrait orientation for video Ad : Set screenOrientation="portrait" of AdMediaActivity in AndroidMenifest.xml 

             - UI of Tablet device is improved.

 v.6.15 (2015/12/03)

            - fixed a bug Android studio cannot access attributes TnkStyle.

            - Display format of reward point is improved on Incentive offer wall.

            - fixed a bug occasionally ADID is not collected.

 v.6.14 (2015/10/13)

            - added a QoS function in video Ad.

            - added a logic for targeting to installed applications.

            - improved a logic for detecting VM devices and abusing users.

 v.6.13 (2015/10/01)

            - improved UI of video Ad.

            - improved a logic for detecting VM devices.

 v.6.12 (2015/09/10)

            - fixed a bug in Video Ad API

            - fixed a bug of mis-calculating size of interstitial Ad in tablet devices.

 v.6.11 (2015/09/09)

            - Video Ad API added.

            - 9 Frames are added for interstitial Ad.

 v.6.10 (2015/07/06)

             - build with JDK7

             - fixed to use Executor in AsyncTask

 v.6.09 (2015/05/28)

            - fixed a bug of back-key function in the Offerwall.

 v.6.08 (2015/05/22)

            - improved formatting the amount of point in the offerlist of incentive ad. (Korean only)

 v.6.07 (2015/05/19)

            - guarantee that APIs of interstitial Ad run in Main UI Thread.

            - stabilized

 v.6.06 (2015/04/09)

            - Landscape image added in the detail views of incentive ads by default.

            - stabilized

 v.6.05 (2015/04/03)

            - ProgressBar now has transparent background.

            - Landscape image added in the detail views of incentive ads. (fully customizable using TnkLayout)

            - added reporting function by ad creatives and display logics.

 v.6.04 (2015/02/23)

            - Tnk logo image inserted at the left bottom corner of interstitial Ad screens.

            - TnkSession.hasInterstitialAd() API added.

  v.6.03 (2015/01/29)

            - enhenced logic of detection VM and rooting devices.

            - removed a function forwarding INSTALL_REFERRER event to other receivers. (Google has changed this logic)

            - handles intent:// scheme.

  v.6.02 (2015/01/20)

            - fixed a bug that interstitial Ad screen was not closed on click.

            - removed deprecated APIs

 v.6.01 (2014/12/11)

            - enhenced logic of detection VM and rooting devices.

            - Now use osztore:// scheme to go LG OZ store.

 v.6.0 (2014/12/08)

             - fixed a bug of interstitial Ads screen.

             - enhenced logic of detection VM and rooting devices.

 v.5.9 (2014/11/20)

              -  Un-used codes are deleted and optimized.

              - logicName parameter added to showInterstitialAd() Method.

              - Window mode is newly introduced. In window mode, interstitial ad view is placed directly on top most window of the device.(TnkStyle.AdInterstitial.useWindowMode = true;)

              - When using android.app.NativeActivity, window mode is applied by default.

 v.5.7 (2014/10/22)

              - fixed bug that TnkAdListener was not invoked in some cases.

              - fixed bug terminating your app when server failed on creating incentive-offerwall.

  v.5.6 (2014/09/03)

              - added Native Ad APIs.

              - You can change the size and position of  a close button at interstitial ad.

  v.5.5 (2014/08/11)

              - fixed bug that ADID was not collected when user quit application immediately after applicationStarted() was invoked.

              - New 2-Button style frame is added for non-reward interstitial ads.

  v.5.4 (2014/07/30)

              - IMEI is not collected anymore.

              - SDK v5.4 uses ADID for device identification. So all users of your app will be identified as new users again after you update SDK to v5.4

  v.5.3 (2014/07/02)

              - Timeout parameter added in showInterstitialAd() API.

              - Froyo (v2.3) is not supported.

              - Targeting facility is added for non-reward interstitial Ads.

  v.5.2 (2014/06/17)

              - Size of Intersitial Ad is changed. After updating your app with this SDK, change Ad frame to new one at Tnk site.

              - Internal performance improved. 

   v.5.0 (2014/06/05)

              - Full screen interstitial Ad is added.

              - Interstitial CPM Ad is added. 

   v.4.9 (2014/04/21)

              - Fixed Market landing error.

   v.4.8 (2014/04/10)

              - Market landing method is improved

              - Proguard error fixed

              - Collecting MD5 hashed value of google account for user-based attribution. You need to add permission below.

                 (<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS" />) 

   v.4.7 (2014/03/21)

              - Android Advertising Id is being collected.

              - TnkStyle bug fixed. 

    v.4.5 (2014/02/20)

              - TnkStyle renewal

              - TnkLayout hierachy modified (adding adwall layer)

              - UI optimazation for Tablet devices

   v.4.4 (2014/02/18)

              - Incentive offerwall is completely redesigned.

              - Incentive offerwall as View

              - Complete customizing offerwall UI by TnkLayout

    v.4.3 (2014/02/11)

              - showCpcAdList() API is changed to showMoreApps(). (design renewal)

              - showCpcAdList() API is deprecated.

              - Internal refactoring by removing all android's deprecated APIs.

     v.4.2 (2014/01/22)

               - Analytics API for buying user is added : TnkSession.buyCompleted()

               - Interstitial AD APIs are added : TnkSession.isInterstitialAdVisible(), removeCurrentInterstitialAd()

               - Support Unity3D Plugin for Android

    v.4.1 (2014/01/09)

                - errCode parameter is added to TnkAdListener.onFailure() method.

    v.4.0 (2013/12/31)

                - Interstitial Ad function released.

                - Previous featured Ad functions are deprecated.

    v.3.5 (2013/11/14)

                - Eclair is not supported anymore.

    v.2.8 ~ v.3.4   

                - Internal bugs are fixed.

    v.2.6 ~ v.2.7

                - Analytics functions are improved.

    v.2.5    - Push functions are improved.

    v.2.3 ~ v.2.4

                - Internal bugs are fixed.

    v.2.2 (2013/02/15)

                - Internal improvement.

    v.2.0  (2012/11/23)

                 - Non-incentive Ad  functions are newly introduced.

                 - Push Ad Functions are newly introduced.

    v.1.6.0   (2012/8/31)  

                   - SDK now can be loaded in Unity projects.

    v.1.5.0    - UI improved

    v.1.2.0    - Internally improved.

    v.1.1.1    - Featured Ad function introduced.

    v.1.1.0    - Batch reward API for PPI Ad is added.

    v.1.0.9    - setUserName() function added to identify publisher's users.

    v.1.0.8    - Video Ad are handled in streaming.

                  - Formatting reward points.

                  - Internal improvements.

    v.1.0.6    - Screen shot can be displayed in Ad's detail page.

                  - Fixed a bug video plays in small size.

                  - Fixed KT Olleh market link bug

    v.1.0.4    - Video Ad type added.

    v.1.0.3    - Display bug on Motorola devices is fixed.

    v.1.0.2    - Supports KT Olleh market and LGU+ Oz Store