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iOS SDK release Note

  v.4.04 (2015/10/26)

           - Added a QoS function in video Ad.

           - You have to add SystemConfiguration.Framework in your Xcode project.

  v.4.03 (2015/09/30)

           - Applied changes in canOpenUrl API and format of language code in iOS9.

           - You have to add ATS settings in your plist.info file. See 4) iOS Settings.

           - Video Ad API added.

           - Fixed a bug that consecutive calls of buyTrace API are ignored except last one.

           - iOS5 not supported any longer.

  v.4.02 (2015/06/29)

          - Fixed a bug in the logic of caching icon images of offerwall.

  v.4.01 (2015/06/03)

          - Fixed a bug that in some cases onFailer is not called when failure of preparedInsterstitialAd().

  v.4.0 (2015/05/19)

           - Full renewal of APIs for interstitial Ads.

           - Native AD now supported.  

 v.3.5 (2015/04/09)

                   - added a reporting function by ad creatives and display logics.

                   - Tnk logo image inserted at the left bottom corner of interstitial Ad screens.

   v.3.4 (2015/03/06)

                   - fixed a bug locating landscape image at wrong position in iOS8.

                   - API below has added  (to fix a bug not displaying interstitial ads when using storyboard in iOS8).

                     - (void) showInterstitialAd:(id<TnkAdViewDelegate>)delegate on:(UIViewController *)viewController; // set a viewController on which the interstitial ad will be displayed. 

  v.3.2 (2014/08/08)

                  - Size of interstitial creatvies are changed.

                  - Full screen and 2-button style interstitial frame is added.

                  - CPM ads features are added.

                  - You can put Tnk's App_ID in your info.plist file.

                  - Unity Plugin is supported. 

   v.3.1 (2014/03/21)

                   - Orientation of offer wall screen is fixed to the orientation of the parent screen. 

   v.2.5 (2013/10/01)

                   - Supports iOS7

                   - iOS6, iOS7 devices now use IdfA(Identification for Advertiser) for device identification.

                   - Devices under iOS5 still use Mac-adress for identification.

                   - You need to add AdSupport.framework in optional mode on your Xcode project.

    v.1.0.5    - Internal bugs are fixed.

    v.1.0.4    - Memory leak is fixed.

    v.1.0.3    - Styling function added.

    v.1.0.2    - setUserName() function added to identify publisher's users.

                  - Supports armv6, simulator architecture.