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4.2 Test Advertising App

Once you completed advertising configuration and SDK integration, follow steps below for testing.
  • Install TnkOfferwall application. (Download from GooglePlay, iPhone version is included in SDK as Xcode project.)
  • Launch TnkOfferwall and click [PPI Ad List] button, then ads will be displayed. If there is no ads displayed, then check if you registered your device as testing device.
  • You can see your advertising app in the list. If you cannot find your app, then check followings.
    1. You didn't complete advertising configuration.
    2. Your app is already installed in your device. (Delete your app from your device.)
    3. Your advertising balance is minus.
  • Locate your app, then click it and then click 'go' button again.
  • Install your app manually. (be sure that SDK is integrated in the app.)
  • Launch your app and complete mission for attribution.
  • Go back to TnkOfferwall app and check if [current points] is increased. 
  • If [current points] is increased then your app is successfully attributed.
  • You also can see all attributions in 'Developer center' page.
  • To test again. delete the attribution log in 'Developer center' page.