A. Show Offerwall

 * In 'Testing' state, you have to register your device as testing device in order to get ads displayed in your offerwall.

1) setUserName

You have to set user identification string using this API. Login Id is good for identification string.
If you don't have any user identification string, device Id will be fine for this. But please be sure to encrypt these strings when you are to use user's privacy data for identification string such as device Id, phone number and email.

These user identification strings are sent back to your server in parameters of callbacks, so you can identify users using these strings. See 
1.6 Callback URL for detail.
(If you set 'Point Management' as 'Managed by Tnk' in the page of publishing configuration, you may skip this step.)

  - (void) setUserName:(NSString *)userName

Name Description
 userName User identification String (less than 256 bytes)

Sample Code

[[TnkSession sharedInstance] setUserName:loginId];

2) Show Offerwall

Launch a offer wall in Modal view or Navigation controller.

  - (void) showAdListAsModal:(UIViewController *)viewController title:(NSString *)title
  - (void) showAdListNavigation:(UIViewController *)viewController title:(NSString *)title

Name Description
 viewController ViewController object
 title Title displayed at header

Sample Code

- (IBAction)showOfferListPressed:(id)sender {

    // show in Modal view

    [[TnkSession sharedInstance] showAdListAsModal:self title:@"Get Free Gold!"];