1.6 Callback URL

In order to manage user points in your server, 
  • In publishing configuration page, select 'Point Management' as 'Callback URL' .
  • Enter an URL to receive the postback request for user points.



 Name    Description
 seq_id Unique transaction Id for each event. Use this value to exclude duplicated requests.
 pay_pnt Amount of point to be given.
 md_user_nm User identification string. You have to set this string in your app using setUserName() API.
 md_chk Check string to verify if all parameters are valid. This value if MD5 hash string of <app_key> + <md_user_nm> + <seq_id>. You can get <app_key> value in Tnk site.
 app_idApp Id of advertising app related to this request.
 pay_dt Point payment time. (System milliseconds) ex) 1577343412017
 app_nm The name of the ad participated.
Return Code
Return HTTP 200 code on success. If other value is returned, post back request repeats until 200 code is returned for 24 hours maximun.

* Notice! It is possible to same request delivered, so you must check <seq_id> value not to process twice the same request.

Callback URL Samle code (Java)

Sample Code

// amount of points to give

int payPoint = Integer.parseInt(request.getParameter("pay_pnt"));

// unique transaction id generated in Tnk server to distinguish this postback.

String seqId = request.getParameter("seq_id");

// check code to verify parameters

String checkCode = request.getParameter("md_chk");

// user identifcation string that you have set in your app using TnkSession's setUserName: method

String mdUserName = request.getParameter("md_user_nm");

// Your app key  from Tnk site

String appKey = "d2bbd...........19c86c8b021";

// Make verfication Code using the parameters in this post back.

// DigestUtils comes from Apache's commons-codec.jar. Other md5 libraries are Ok.

String verifyCode = DigestUtils.md5Hex(appKey + mdUserName + seqId);

// Compare verification code you generated with the value from md_chk parameter. These two values must be identical.

if (checkCode == null || !checkCode.equals(verifyCode)) {

    // invalid request

    log.error("tnkad() check error : " + verifyCode + " != " + checkCode);

else {

    log.debug("tnkad() : " + mdUserName + ", " + seqId);

    // do your point management logic here. Don't forget to check if seqId is processed before.

    purchaseManager.getPointByAd(mdUserName, payPoint, seqId);