D. Other Functions

1) TnkAd.Plugin - queryPublishState()

When you stop publishing ads, no ads will not be displayed in offerwall. For good user experience, you had better hide offerwall buttons when your app is not in publishing state. This method inquiries current state of your app in async way.

  - void queryPublishState(string handlerName)

 Name  Description
 handlerName Name of EventHandler object. The result value is return to OnReturnQueryPublishState(int state) method of the EventHandler.
PUB_STATE_YES (1)  means your apps is in publishing state.

Sample Code

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class TnkUITest : MonoBehaviour {

    void Start ()
        TnkAd.Plugin.Instance.setUserName ("haha12");
    // ...