1.1 Publishing Configuration

You have to setup publishing configurations in Tnk site to publish ads in your app. If you didn't add your app yet, add your app and enter basic information first.  (See 1. TnkAd SDK > 2) Add Your App

Click 'Apps' menu and select an app to configure. Then select [Publishing] > [Reward] tab and click 'Add' button, You can see following screen.

  • Point conversion : Enter the value of virtual currency for 100 KRW(Korean won).
  • Point name : Name of virtual currency in your app. (such as Gold, Ruby or Coin)
  • Point Management : Select how to manage points.
    • Managed by Tnk : Points are managed by Tnk server. Developers can inquiry and withdraw user points using APIs in TnkAd SDK.
    • Callback URL : Points are managed by your server. Every point rewarded is sent to your server. See [1.6 Callback URL] for details.
    • As External Media : For publishing apps integrated by server-to-server API. (Contact us for detail information)
  • Offerwall Headline : Enter messages or notices for users. This is displayed at top of your offerwall.
  • Featured Ad. : Check if you want to show full screen ads in your app. You have to integrate interstitial ads API in your app. See [4. Interstitial Ad].
  • Options 
    • In House only : Check if you want publishing in-house ads only. In-house ads means ads registered in your account. 
    • Accept requests from advertisers for cross promotion : Check if you want to get requests from other developers for cross promotion.
Click 'Update' button to save your inputs. Once updated, state will be changed to 'Testing' state. In 'Testing' state, offerwall shows ads on testing devices only. So register your devices as testing devices to get ads are displayed in your offerwall. See [4) Testing] for detail.

Click 'Update & Submit' button after you completed integration and testing. The state will be changed to 'Active' state and ads are displayed to every user in  your app.


You can configure ads filter here.

  • Mareket Controls : Set restriction on markets of ads.
  • Controls by version : You can do market controls by app version.
  • Ad. Filters : You can filter out ads that contain words in their title or developer's name. Put filtering words separating by comma(,). If you want to filter out all adult ads, just put '19' in the list.