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5) Callback

You can get callback request on your server on user's completion of watching videos.

To get callback request, you should register your callback URL on Tnk site.

Callback Parameters
  • ${seq_id} : Unique ID for video completion.   
  • ${md_user_nm} : User's unique identification string set on your app by the methods provided by Tnk SDK.
    • Android : TnkSession.setUserName(Context context, String userName)
    • iOS : [[TnkSession sharedInstance] setUserName:(NSString *)userName]
    • Unity : TnkAd.Plugin.Instance.setUserName(string userName)
    • Cocos2dx : TnkAdPlugin::setUserName(char *userName)
  • ${md_chk} : Hash value to check if this callback request is valid. The value is generated as followings.
    • MD5(<APP_KEY from Tnk Site> + ${md_user_nm} + ${seq_id})
  • ${logic_id} : ID for Display Logic. This is not the name of Display logic but a number to identify Display logic, You can check the number for each Display logic at Tnk site.
  • ${ipaddr} : Ip address of user device.
  • ${adid} : Google Advertising Id (Android device)
  • ${ios_ifa} : Id For Advertising (iOS device)
Callback URL Sample
  • http://tnk1.tnkfactory.com/tnk/test.jsp?adid=${adid}&ipaddr=${ipaddr}&logic_id=${logic_id}&mdusernm=${md_user_nm}&seq_id=${seq_id}&md_chk=${md_chk}